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Heidmar CFO Featured in TradeWinds Special Report

May 31, 2018

Kathy Haines says her promotion to CFO at former shipowner OMI in 1998 still informs her thoughts on how companies can work to improve gender balance at a senior level.

“I think gender balance will occur naturally in the corporate world if the companies hire the best candidates and nurture and promote from within wherever possible.”

Haines is optimistic that attitudinal changes already are in progress. “Although the change may be too slow for some, over the years I have seen the ‘good old boy’ attitude change and I expect it to be gone in the very near future.

“I have met a lot of interesting and talented women who have joined the industry in recent years and I fully expect we shall see them rise to the top of their companies or start their own companies, as many have in fact already done.”

Haines advises women interested in pursuing a maritime career to find a mentor or role model to ease the process. “The more well-rounded and commercially minded you are, the more you will succeed. Take advantage of all the networking opportunities shipping offers to broaden your knowledge.”


Title: CFO, Heidmar

Career: Graduated in business accounting; CFO of OMI until its sale in 2007; principal at Holbridge Capital Advisors; joined Heidmar in 2012.

Age: 63

Kathy’s comments appeared in a longer piece called “Female faces forge path for tomorrow’s leaders”, which originally appeared in TradeWinds on May 31, 2018.