Heidmar believes that trust and strong relationships come through hard work and transparency.

Heidmar Healthy and Hearty at 30th Anniversary Bash

September 22, 2014


Under a banner proudly proclaiming “Heidmar: 30 years of experience, focus and performance”, over two hundred industry guests from every aspect of the tanker industry gathered to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary on September 16th, 2014.


[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][mk_blockquote align=”left” animation=”flip-x”]Heidmar hosted its celebration at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk and all those attending agreed that it was a fantastic venue for a unique and memorable evening. Guests enjoyed great food, great company and suitably brief but poignant speeches about the company. The speeches were greatly focused upon thanking everyone, from the mightiest ship owner and oil company executive to the supportive spouses of the company’s employees, for being a part of the continued success of Heidmar.[/mk_blockquote][/vc_column][/vc_row]



In a very Heidmar-esque break with standard industry protocol, Heidmar CEO Ben Ognibene yielded the floor for opening remarks to company veteran Captain John Hill. Captain Hill has been with Heidmar for almost twenty-seven years and his experience stretches back to the very early days of the company. With such experience under his belt, Captain Hill was the perfect speaker to run through just a few of the highlights of innovation, teamwork and leadership which have been part of Heidmar’s storied history. Captain Hill said he was very proud to be part of an organization where teamwork and diversity thrived and mentioned how that very day a Heidmar pool meeting had included seventeen attendees from eight different nationalities.

Heidmar CEO Ben Ognibene then took to the podium to thank guests and the broader industry audience for their part in Heidmar’s success story over the past thirty years. And to look ahead with eager anticipation to the next thirty.

CEO Ben Ognibene’s remarks:

“Thank you, Capt Hill. Did you know that John has been with Heidmar longer than anyone in the Company’s history – nearly 27 years. He joined Heidmar in 1988 when for many of us our only experience with ships was with toy boats in our bathtubs. He has a wealth of experience and is a tremendous asset to the Company. Not only because of his long and successful tenure with Heidmar, but because of his innovative approach to the variety of issues our industry faces.

Thank you for your outstanding service, John. And many thanks to everyone for joining us for our 30th Anniversary celebration. We’re grateful to our local friends and to our many friends who have traveled far to share this evening with us.

This is a very special occasion. For any Company to succeed 30 years in the shipping industry is quite an accomplishment. Our success today is all the more satisfying, because we have met some big challenges in the past few years and emerged the stronger for it. We are now more focused and more resilient than ever before.

Now, I’d like to introduce the Heidmar Executive Team. Kathy Haines is our CFO. Before joining Heidmar, Kathy was with former Pool Partner OMI. She brings a great perspective and a broad list of contacts to the role. Glenn Gronseth is our Managing Director of Projects. Glenn opened our UK office, in 1991, and our Singapore office in 1997. That’s dedication. Matt Snedker is our Managing Director of Heidmar UK. Matt is among the most detailed-oriented and diligent mangers in our Company’s history. Not much gets by Matt. And may I introduce Henrik Hartzell, Managing Director of Heidmar Far East. We sleep soundly in Connecticut at night knowing Henrik and his team are awake tending so well to the Asian markets.

I would like to introduce Fuad Egeli, from Morgan Stanley. Fuad is a member of Heidmar’s Board of Directors, and an Executive Director with Morgan Stanley in London. Thank you for your support Fuad.

The main purpose of this party is to thank the many people who have made Heidmar’s success possible. These include a very special group, of whom many are here tonight—the long-suffering spouses of our hard-working employees. Thank you for putting up with us when we arrive home cranky, for tolerating the disruptive phone calls we receive at all hours, for the obsession we have with our work, for the time we spend away from home, for that occasion we came home dog-sick from eating something exotic in a land far away. Thank you. Thank you. May I introduce my long-suffering spouse Michele. Thank you, Michele. I promise I will be more careful of what I eat abroad from now on.

I want to thank our partners. You have been loyal and supportive throughout the life of this Company. We have been doing business with many of you for decades. I am grateful to you for the success we have enjoyed together. I assure you that we endure those long trips on the road and the late nights at home in order to strengthen our relationship with you. Relationships are the backbone of our business. Everyone at Heidmar, from the Accounting through the Quality departments, works on improving our performance for you.

I am grateful to our chartering and operations friends from the oil companies and traders. The relationship we enjoy with you could only come from the hard work, understanding and mutual respect we have shown each other over the years. Thank you for your enduring friendship and support.

I also appreciate our industry friends—our brokers, suppliers and agents. You have been an integral part of the service we have provided to our customers these last 30 years. We appreciate your support, your expertise, and your dedication to our work together.

To Heidmar’s employees, I am proud of each and every one of you. We have become a close-knit team, determined to achieve our goals and supportive of each other. The culture you developed and nurtured in our Company these many years is what has made our success possible. We call it a culture of transparency and inclusiveness. I am proud of the inclusive way we draw on the resources of all our Heidmar people, our partners and friends to serve our customers.

I am proud of the openness you show in sharing our decades-long experience with our business partners. No one exceeds Heidmar’s experience managing Pools and we make this unique body of experience readily available to our partners.

I am proud of the way our incredibly powerful IT system has evolved. It is a window into the management of our fleet and a great source of our world-class reporting, and efficiency.

I am proud of the way we draw on the talents of all our people even our youngest. Heidmar takes young men and women and molds them into industry leading professionals. Only a company with our inclusive philosophy, global presence, and fleet size could offer the kind of career building experiences our young men and women enjoy.

Mary Henry, and Glenn Gronseth are two of those young people who built their careers at Heidmar. 25 years in the company and Mary is now the best pools controller in the business, and Glenn has deep and broad relationships with owners in every corner of the world. They represent our enduring commitment to our core values – transparency, and relationships.

I’d like to say a few words about the future. We are finally done with the painful legacy deals that plagued us in recent years. The conclusion of these deals has freed-up resources for improving our services to our customers. We have recruited first class professionals that complement so well our existing talented team. We are investing in TC vessels for our Pools bringing our sound judgment and experience to that tricky task. We are exploring broad partnerships in segments of the industry not currently covered by Heidmar. Now and in the future our focus will always remain on doing the right thing for our pools, on increasing our presence in the markets, and on offering our customers more opportunities to work with Heidmar. When I look into our company’s future I see the blue “H” of Heidmar stamped on every segment in the business certifying quality, transparency, and efficiency.

The effort to build an effective business culture is very great on many levels both professional and personal. But the rewards are also great. We have been rewarded with satisfied customers, supportive partners, and most of all, lasting relationships.

Heidmar has enjoyed a successful and gratifying 30 years. Thanks to the dedication and support of all of you we have created a unique world-class pool management platform our competitors can only dream about.

Our best years are ahead of us. Thank you all for joining us tonight and for your continued loyalty and friendship. Have a good evening.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]