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Phoenix Hope Rises Again for Sigma

October 10, 2016

Heidmar is pleased to announce the return of the “Phoenix Hope” to its Sigma Tankers pool.

Phoenix Energy Navigation of Greece has committed the 2008-built, 105,585 deadweight LR2 products tanker to rejoin the Heidmar-controlled Aframax/LR2 fleet from later in October.  The ship becomes the fourth Phoenix-owned ship in the pool.  Its addition increases the Sigma fleet to 42 ships while maintaining the low average age of the fleet of 7 years.   The ship also increases Heidmar’s footprint in the products market with 30 fully-coated tankers with LR2, LR1, MR and Handysize tankers in four of the company’s pools.

Sigma offers a combined Aframax and LR2 flexibility unmatched by its competitors.  Aframax tankers, the workhorse of the world’s regional crude trades, are coupled with coated tonnage operating in the quickly expanding global LR2 product tanker market to provide pool members with a balanced trading portfolio and charterers with a one-stop shop for their mid-size crude and products transportation needs.

Sigma’s Aframax presence benefits from the downflow of market intelligence from the Seawolf and Blue Fin pools while supplying crude, DPP and CPP intelligence to Star Tankers.