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Seawolf and TMS Tankers Expands Alliance

September 8, 2014

TMS Tankers has expanded its participation in Heidmar’s Seawolf Tankers pool by adding two further VLCCs — the Universal Brave and Universal Prime. The ships now form a quartet of TMS VLCCs under the Seawolf banner. The Desimi and the Solana having joined the fleet in 2011 and 2010 respectively.

Heidmar pool members, particularly Seawolf Pool members and TMS Tankers in this instance, fully appreciate and recognize Heidmar’s support with and ability to successfully absorb and trade a broad spectrum of tonnage within its pools.

Heidmar is here to meet market challenges head-on and the company has the people and systems in place to trade a diversified fleet while accurately and equitably apportioning pool earnings according to ability.

Heidmar is, and has always been, committed to market consolidation through pooling as the best possible tool for improving ship owners’ earnings. The doubling of TMS Tankers’ participation in Seawolf Tankers is yet another step in the right direction toward this goal.