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Second Ridgebury Suezmax for Blue Fin

December 24, 2013

Heidmar is very pleased to announce the addition of another Suezmax vessel to its growing Blue Fin Tankers Pool.

Westport, Connecticut-based Ridgebury Tankers will enter the 2009 built, 165,000 deadweight “Ridgebury John Zipser” into the Heidmar managed Suezmax fleet.

The “Ridgebury John Zipser” is the second Ridgebury Tankers Suezmax ship placed under the Blue Fin banner.

Speaking about the new arrival, Heidmar’s CEO Ben Ognibene said, “We are very appreciative of Ridgebury Tankers’ continued support of the Blue Fin Tanker Pool and we warmly welcome their latest acquisition to our growing fleet. It is only by consistently providing pool members with excellent commercial operations and clear, unadulterated reporting that we earn our pool members’ trust and attract and retain tonnage.”

“We are very pleased with our experience with the ‘Lessley B’ in the Heidmar pool.”

— Mr. Robert Burke, CEO of Ridgebury Tankers

Mr. Robert Burke, CEO of Ridgebury Tankers said, “Heidmar works with their partners on an open-book basis and we find their online reporting systems to be the best in the industry. They are clearly dedicated to providing their pool partners with first-class service and results.”