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Sigma’s New Activity

September 19, 2013

Heidmar is very pleased to announce the addition of another Aframax to its Sigma Tankers Pool.

Hong Kong-based Associated Maritime Co. Ltd. (AMCL), part of the China Merchants Group, has committed the 2008 built, 105,342 deadweight “New Activity” to the Sigma Tankers’ Aframax/LR2 fleet.

The ship will deliver to the pool in early October and is the second ship that AMCL has placed under the Sigma Tankers banner. Its addition increases Sigma’s Aframax/LR2 fleet size to 38 ships.

Speaking about the new arrival, Heidmar’s Sigma Tankers Pool MD, Glenn Gronseth, said; “We are deeply gratified by AMCL’s continued recognition of the strengths of the Sigma Tankers pool and their increased commitment to it with the addition of a second Aframax.”

“We attract new pool members and new ships to our pools through peerless performance, top tier earnings and absolute reporting transparency. Since becoming a Sigma Tankers pool member, AMCL has seen that these phrases are not empty marketing slogans at Heidmar, they are the cornerstones of the business ethos which we live by and which drive our success.”