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Team Heidmar Achieves Another Peak Performance

November 9, 2017

Team Heidmar

Heidmar once again participated in The Seamen’s Church Institute Mountain Challenge, a bi-annual event where some fifty-plus teams from companies in the maritime industry brave the mountains (and a river!) by scaling peaks up to 2,200 feet in the course of two daily 10-11 mile hikes (with a 12-mile canoe paddle on the first day).

This year’s event took place the last weekend in September at the Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine. Once again, SCI had arranged for beautiful weather and impeccable organization.

Each team competed in order to raise money for SCI’s important work. Team Heidmar placed 8th after the two day event and SCI raised over half a million dollars!

We’ll be back in two years, ready to take the SCI Mountain Challenge again.

Thank you to all our generous sponsors!