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Team Heidmar Takes on the SCI Mountain Challenge

September 30, 2015


Heidmar dispatched a three-man team consisting of Harold Boyer, Darin Rupinski and Bengt Nergaard to the White Mountains in Maine to face the bi-annual Mountain Challenge organized by the Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) last weekend.  From the base camp at the Summit Resort at Sunday River, Team Heidmar and 44 other teams from the maritime industry raced/hiked/ran/slid/stumbled 23 miles over two days, climbing four 3,000 foot peaks along the route, to raise money for SCI’s excellent work for mariners worldwide.

Despite suffering a tweaked knee on the mountains on day one, Team Heidmar came in 7th the first day and 10th the second in a very respectable showing on its first appearance in this event, which raised over $282,000 for SCI.

Heidmar would like to thank everyone who supported our team and the SCI by making a donation!

We will be back in 2017!