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Sea WolfTransportation powerhouse of the global oil trade, VLCCs operating under the Seawolf Tankers banner carry two million barrels of crude oil on high–efficiency, inter- and intra-hemisphere voyages.

The VLCC market is the bellwether for the entire crude and DPP transportation business, and Heidmar is in a unique position to be able to use this market intelligence as it flows down from VLCCs (Seawolf Tankers) through the Suezmax (Blue Fin Tankers), Aframax (Sigma Tankers) and Panamax (Star Tankers) markets.

VLCC Fleet operated by Seawolf
Blue Nova297,085333,30521.50330.0060.002011
Gc Fuzhou319,725348,50121.44333.0060.002014
Ridgebury Pride305,994334,04622.52334.0758.002000
Ridgebury Progress299,999334,04522.15334.0758.042000
Ridgebury Purpose306,308334,04522.52334.0758.042000
Starlight Venture291,768346,41521.02332.9960.052004
White Nova298,522333,41621.52329.9960.002006