About Us

Dedicated to protecting Pool Partners’ assets and interests.

CEO Vision

James Pippard

President & CEO

“Heidmar’s Vision for Growth Benefits Pool Partners”
– James Pippard, President & CEO

Heidmar is the original commercial management brand in the tanker space and was the first shipping company to develop a digital solution, eFleetWatch, designed to build trusting and transparent relationships with ship owners. This kind of innovative forethought continues to be deeply embedded in the core of Heidmar's values and vision. With over 30 years of experience, our success comes from our ability to be agile, lean, and well-positioned to respond to both the opportunities and the risks that exist in the tanker space.

Our Mission is to provide existing and future pool partners with exceptional returns on their assets while working alongside them to prepare for what we expect to be a dynamic market in 2020. Longer-term, we believe that Heidmar will provide ship owners with a strategic and forward-thinking commercial trading platform in the tanker space. By managing owner-barriers to entry through working capital, time charter options, the FFA desk, and strategic digital solutions alongside our pursuit of pool-complimentary projects, we remain the original commercial management platform that drives the most value for ship ow​ners.

Heidmar Legacy

Over 30 years of protecting ship owner interests

Heidmar Helping Hands

Relationships in the community matter

Heidmar believes that people are our most important asset, and that appreciation spans our partners, employees, seafarers and people in the communities in which we live and work. As a core value, Heidmar encourages employees to participate in community activities through company-sponsored volunteer programs, as well as individual or team projects.

Supporting Our Seafarers

Heidmar understands the importance of supporting our seafarers. In 2018, Heidmar was a major sponsor, and winning participant, of the 24 Peaks challenge in the UK and also participated in the SCI Mountain Challenge in the US.

Supporting the Community

Our organization encourages service to our community, and Heidmar employees who volunteer their time with non-profits can request a donation to that charity from the Heidmar charity committee.

Corporate Giving

Through direct donations and our corporate-matching program, Heidmar contributes funds to non-profit groups that support education, the environment, community & economic development.

Heidmar Fund

Our employee-led Heidmar Fund awards grants to respond to the needs of children and families in the communities we serve.