Operations & Claims

Heidmar’s Operations team is a long-tenured and dedicated staff of industry professionals who possess the knowledge and experience that our Pool Partners expect and deserve.

Responsible for the daily operations of Pool Partners assets, our Operations Team remains focused on the correlation between quality voyage performance and higher returns for our Pool Partners.

Heidmar’s results-proven policies and procedures, combined with the scale that the pools present to the market, provide the Operations Team with the effective tools to protect owners interests in reducing voyage costs (i.e. port calls, bunker purchase planning, and vendors).

The team has thrived through the market cycles and is keenly aware of the relationship between efficient voyage management and earnings optimization.

Heidmar’s Operations Team is comprised of industry thought leaders, and they regularly hold workshops in key shipping hubs for owners, charterers, and other operations professionals. We believe that sharing our knowledge and building positive relationships with our industry colleagues is a key to success.

From Owners and technical managers to Charterers and Vendors, Heidmar’s Operations Team values the connections we make with our colleagues and partners around the world.


Average claims collection level at an average accounts receivable age of 75 days

Heidmar Claims

Heidmar’s Claims Team, located in key shipping hubs around the world, is the industry leader in post voyage claims handling and cash management services. We are dedicated to the highest level of claims invoicing and collections, and our results speak for themselves.

  • Our dedication and attention to the vital relationships we have with our Charterers ensures that every claim submitted is fully supported and in line with Voyage Charter Party contract terms. Through transparency, relationship building, and efficiency, our Claims Department does it right the first time, every time.
  • Our level of transparency results in a higher than industry average monthly turnover ratio which is an asset for our Pool Partners.
  • Heidmar’s Claims Team is comprised of industry thought leaders that lead annual Demurrage Seminars for claims professionals on both sides of the table. Sharing key strategies for claims settlements, and a venue for relationship building, Heidmar’s Demurrage Workshops are another example of our dedication to building trusted and valuable relationships.

Marine Forum

Heidmar’s annual Marine Forum attracts speakers and attendees from across the tanker industry. The event is open to all pool members and by invitation to key industry leaders. The Marine Forum facilitates transparency and trust between ship owners, charterers, and operators.

The two-day event begins with a full day of one-on-ones where attendees have exclusive access to a number of key vetting representatives from major oil companies, large non-oil major Charterers, and industry thought leaders. The second day is a speaker-led event that provides insights on a broad range of topics relevant to the tanker market and industry.

Hosted alongside the Heidmar Technical Meetings, the event provides an excellent opportunity to update our Pool Partners on current critical issues such as: worldwide piracy threats, evolving ECA bunker challenges, ballast water management systems, and changing market conditions. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for owners, charterers, and operators to share experiences and best practices.