Fuel Services

With a collective 60+ years of bunker and shipping experience, HBS protects and manages a ship owners largest voyage expense.

Leveraging global contracts and the economies of scale gained through the pools, Heidmar Bunker Services (HBS) provides Heidmar’s Pool Partners with a dedicated and highly experienced Bunkering Team.

In addition to serving the Pool Partner vessels, HBS leverages the scale of the pools by extending the bunker procurement and management offering to 3rd party ship owners. Importantly, Pool Partners gain from this approach through increased economies of scale, which further improves their voyage expenses.

Benefits of bunkering with HBS

  • Close communication with the Heidmar Chartering and Operations Teams to ensure accurate bunker planning, efficiencies with voyage calculations/ voyage planning, and volume consolidation
  • Strong global credit lines due to Heidmar’s exceptional bunker payment history
  • All bunker stems are benchmarked and evaluated against the market
  • Risk management and supplier vetting procedures
  • HBS Terms and Conditions for all procured bunkers
  • All pricing methods considered, including spot, contract options / FFP monitored
  • Wide network of agents and surveyors for optimal bunker deliveries
  • HBS maintains good relationships with suppliers and works closely with them to solve issues/ receive support as needed
  • Claims or disputes are swiftly handled and resolved by the HBS team