Sale and Purchase (SnP) desk

With over 40 years of expert knowledge and a wide network of industry contacts, Heidmar has unrivalled capabilities to support the sale and purchase of second-hand vessels and newbuilds in the tanker and drybulk sectors. 

Our experienced vessel sales and acquisitions team combines close relationships with shipbroking partners and informed market insights to deliver expert advice on asset suitability and market trends. We provide commercial solutions that facilitate transactions. 

Heidmar’s SnP desk supports our customers to confidently navigate the complexities of the sale and purchase process, with comprehensive services including:

  • Market analysis
  • Vessel sourcing
  • ESG impact analysis
  • Valuation
  • Pre- and post-transaction support
  • Financing solutions
  • Commercial solutions

With experts you can trust and relationships you can rely on, Heidmar SnP is your one-stop shop for vessel sale and purchase.