The shipping industry’s original digital platform for pool partners.

eFleetWatch is the leading-edge Heidmar-built web app that provides both internal and external stakeholders finger-tip-access to tools that track and manage vessels on a real-time basis.

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Digital Platform

eFleetWatch, the first market-facing digital platform in the commercial management space, has been a pillar of Heidmars brand for two decades. The platform is unmatched in its stability and completely transparent access to real-time, un-scrubbed, data.

Through the platform, Heidmar provides pool partners with access to all of the data that they require for their own reporting and monitoring of their vessels.

eFleetWatch supports the important foundations of trust and transparency that we know our pool partners value, and that our relationships depend on.

Benefits of eFleetWatch

  • Responsive web app for access from any device
  • Real-time reporting of all the commercial data that every ship owner needs
  • 18+ years of in-house development means the platform is tested, stable, and reliable
  • Compliments the relationships Heidmar builds with partners through trust and transparency

Relationships Matter.

eFleetWatch continues to be an invaluable benefit to the relationships Heidmar has cultivated with partners for nearly two decades.