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Heidmar and TBS Ocean Logistics Announce Strategic Alliance for Geared Dry Bulk Pool

May 7, 2015

May 6, 2015 – Heidmar Inc. and TBS Ocean Logistics Inc. are proud to announce a dry bulk pool alliance. The agreement brings together the strengths of the two companies to service shipowner clients with a first-class geared dry bulk pool.  Heidmar will provide its pool expertise, best practices, and proprietary commercial ship management software eFleetWatch®.  TBS will continue as pool manager of a series of dry bulk pools, marrying the Heidmar proprietary systems with TBS own commercial logistics expertise, recognized for providing superior shipping solutions to industrial shippers worldwide. The TBS pools control a fleet of 20 vessels and will add new tonnage, including a recently delivered 2010-built Supramax from its latest participant, Mitsubishi Corp. of Japan to their Supramax and Handysized pools.

Ben Ognibene, CEO of Heidmar said, “For some time Heidmar has explored expansion into the dry bulk market.  Before entering this segment, we wanted to ensure our clients would receive the superior market returns, transparency, and integrity that they know and expect from Heidmar.  TBS, with its global footprint, extensive cargo relationships, proprietary trading business and its 22-year history of exceptional and consistent dry bulk outperformance is the ideal partner to expand our product offering.”

Gregg McNelis, CEO of TBS commented, “We are confident that our pools will continue to outperform the market.  That said, we firmly believe that our pool members deserve not only premium returns, but also the first-class transparency and integrity which are synonymous with Heidmar.  Heidmar’s unparalleled systems, best practices, and reputation are the perfect complement to our platform.  We are excited to combine our respective expertise to create the world’s preeminent geared dry bulk pool.  We could not have chosen a better partner.”

About Heidmar Inc. 

Founded in 1984, Heidmar Inc. is one of the world’s leading commercial tanker operators with a fleet of approximately 90 vessels, including VLCC, Suezmax, Aframax/LR2, Panamax/LR1, Medium Range, and Handy Product tankers entered into its pools from 32 separate companies.  From its offices in Singapore, London, and Connecticut the company’s focus has always been commercial performance, pool management, reporting and compliance.

Through its internally developed exclusive online software, eFleetWatch®, Heidmar is an industry leader in delivering real-time vessel, fleet, and market information, and comprehensive backoffice reporting to its pool partners.

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About TBS Ocean Logistics Inc.

TBS provides shipping solutions to industrial shippers globally.  The TBS shipping network operates parcel, dry bulk and logistics services, supported by a fleet of Supramax and Handysize bulk carriers and multipurpose vessels.  With 15 offices worldwide, TBS serves a diverse client base of approximately 300 customers in 20 countries.

TBS offers shipowners specialized global market access and enhanced performance through its managed pool offerings.  TBS controls nearly one million deadweight tons, consisting of modern, geared vessels.

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