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Heidmar supports “Orama Elpidas”

March 31, 2023

On Friday, March 31st 2023, Heidmar welcomed Orama Elpidas, which is part of “ELPIDA”, the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer. Orama Elpida is an extension of it, which aids adults who need a bone marrow transplant as well as conducting cancer research. Orama Elpida raises awareness and informs on bone marrow transplants and cancer research as well as gives you a chance to become a volunteer donor if compatible. In 2018, the association received the highest international certification for bone marrow transplantation units, JACIE (Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT – Europe and EBMT).

We were pleased to have Dr. Katerina Katsibardi, pediatrician, and member of the “ELPIDA-M. VARDINOGIANNI” Children’s Oncology Unit and Mr. Grafakos, founding member of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at the “Agia Sofia” children’s hospital, to speak to us and give us an informative and detailed presentation about the organization and how we can contribute and help people in need by becoming donors.

The Heidmar Team enthusiastically listened to what they had to say, and several members of our team became bone marrow volunteer donors.