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Legal & Compliance Manager

April 29, 2022

Position:       Legal / Compliance Manager

Reports toCEO

Main Function:  Provide advice and recommendations in the area of maritime law and claims. Provide day to day support on Compliance with sanctions and other regulatory matters. 


  • Conduct necessary sanctions checks associated with company’s day to day business
  • Ensure company’s compliance with various sanctions regimes and other regulatory matters
  • Provide advice on issues regarding charter parties and bills of lading.
  • Manage marine claims litigation and leads litigation defense in conjunction with Claims team.
  • Assists investigation and handling of cargo claims.
  • Provides guidance to claims, chartering and operations teams.
  • Assist as necessary on general/corporate legal matters


Minimum 5 years of experience in maritime law and claims

Prior experience with compliance / KYC / sanction regimes

Prior marine claims experience

Self motivated, organized and a team player

Ability to provide information in a clear and concise manner

Strong attention to details

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